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A ferrule is any of several objects, generally used for fastening, joining, sealing, or reinforcement. They are often narrow circular rings made from metal, or less commonly, in steel. They differ in shape and material but are most commonly in the form of a circle with beveled edges.

A.M. Engineering Works is a well known and leading manufacturer of Ferrule Fittings in the industry as well as supplier, exporter, and distributor.

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Ferrule Fitting specifications

Grades; Steel 304, Steel 316, Brass, Carbon Steel, Special Alloys, Super duplex Steel, inconel.

Size; 1/16″OD to 2″OD, 2mm OD to 50mm OD

Pressure ratings; 6000PSI for Stainless, 300/1000/3000PSI for Brass
Thread; 6000PSI for Stainless, 300/1000/3000PSI for Brass

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Double ferrule fittings

They require no flaring of the metal tube to install. They are compressed onto the tubing to form a robust leak-proof connection in process, power, and instrumentation applications.

Ferrule Bulkhead Connectors

Bulkhead Male Connector is used to transition into the wall of a control box or machine member. Its metal body adds rigidity and strength.

Bulkhead Female Connector is reliable and shows durable nature and offers quick and hassle-free installation. These connectors are rustproof and safer to use for years.

Ferrule Union

It is used to connect the ends of two tubes. Ferrule Union is a looks like compression tube fitting that is fixed by pressure produced by the interaction of threaded portions of the fitting.

Ferrule Union Tee

They are T- Shaped fittings, The purpose of this Ferrule Union Tee is to connect tubes from 3 sides.

Union Cross

They are used to connect elements to a pipeline, such as sensors flow meters and level gauges.

Reducing Union

It provides a modest way to connect small temporary transfer lines to valves or fittings designed for larger tubing.

Elbow Union

They are suitable for most destructive environments, including highly corrosive vapors and total chemical immersion.

Ferrule Reducer

It features high-quality sealing properties at high temperatures and fit for aseptic lines and aseptic systems. Ferrule Reducer can be used with most chemical liquids where conventional rubber is difficult to use.

Bulk Head Reducer

It is the ideal element in tubing or piping that decreases the pipe size from a larger to a smaller bore.

Tube Cap

It is usually used to sealing the ends of pipes and tubes and offer a waterproof safety to the connections.

Tube Plug

It is used to seal the end of a leaking tube and provides a more extended heat exchanger use.

Ferrule Nut

They are ideal for making a tight seal in the tubing mechanism and composed of brass or copper.

Front Ferrule

It is a metallic sleeve that gives a seal when compressed between two mating fitting components. It is usually used to seal a joint between a tube and compression fittings.

Back Ferrule

It is used in piping fittings to avoid damage, wear, and splitting end usually protect a strip end of a fiber.


Additional Information

Stainless Steel Ferrule Fittings- 304L, 316, 310, 321, 347, 317, 304, 304H, 316L, 310S, 321H, 347H, 317L, ASTM A182, A276, A479, ASME SA182, SA276, SA479

Alloy Steel Ferrule Fittings- ASTM A182, ASME SA182, Nickel 200, 201, Monel 400, 500, Inconel 800, 600, 825, 625

Carbon Steel Ferrule Fitting- ASTM A 234, ASTM A105, ASME SA105

Hastelloy Ferrule Fittings- ASTM B366, ASME SB366

Duplex Steel Ferrule Fittings- ASME, ASTM A276, A479

Super Duplex Ferrule Fittings- ASME SA182, 182M F55, ASTM A182, 182M F55

Titanium Ferrule Fittings

Material Ferrule Pipe

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