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A.M Engineering Works is one of the well-known steel products Manufacturing companies in the world, also an exporter, supplier, and trader. We manufacture ingots, billets, blooms, and slabs as per our high-quality standards and customer requirements. A.M Engineering Works always takes care of our valued customers and their requirements. Everything you need is availab alt="Threaded Pipe Fittings Manufacturers" title="Threaded Pipe Fittings Manufacturers"le here and if you want any specific products which you haven’t found on our website, feel free to contact us, we are eagerly waiting for your requirements to full fill.



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An ingot is a piece of metal that has been formed into a size and shape such as a bar, plate, or sheet. It is useful to store, transport, and work into a finished product or semi-finished. They are very large fitting products, greater in size and shape than blooms, billets, and slabs. Steel ingots differ in size from small rectangular blocks measuring a few pounds to huge, tapered, octagonal masses measuring more than 500 tons (450 metric tons).

Steel Ingot Specification Manufactured by A.M. Engineering Works :

Dimension- 4” To 34”

Weight- 400 kg to 9000 kg for a single piece

Grades- EN8, EN9, EN14A, EN15B, EN16,EN18, EN19, SAE4340 / EN24, DIN 1.2714 / DB6, Din 1.2343/H11, Din 1.2344/H13, EN 25, EN 26, EN 30B, EN31, EN 36C, EN39B, EN41B, EN 42, 60Si7, EN47, EN351, EN353, EN354, EN355, 31CrV3, SAE1025, SAE1541H, SAE4130, SAE4135, SAE4140, SAE4145, SAE4145H, SAE8620, SAE8640, SAE52100, ASTM105, F5, F9, F11, F22,F91, X22CrMoV121, 21CrMov57, SS410, SS416, SS420, SS431, S355J2, ST52.3, C45,30CrNiMo8, 34CrNiMo6, 20X2H4MA, 38XC, 18X2H4MA, 20X2H4A, 27MnCrB5, 32CrB4, 25CrMo4, 42CrMo4, 20MnCr5, 16MnCr5 etc.



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A billet is a thick block of aluminium or any material with depending on the size of your wanted part. The billets are manufactured with the help of a machine called CCM (continuous casting machine). They have a square cross-section area, but the cross-section area of billet should be the same throughout its length. The Billets are used in the manufacturing process of Steel Rebars.

Specifications of Billets

Dimensions- 80 X 80 mm, 100 X 100 mm, 120 X 120 , 140 X 140, 160 X 160, 200 X 200 mm,

Length- Exact or random as per buyers requirements

Grades- SS300, SS400, SS304, SS304L, SS316, SS316L, SS321, SS347, SS2205, SS2507, 17-4PH, AS100, AS125, AS160, AS200, MS100,MS125,MS160, MS200, CS100,CS125,CS160, CS200, SS100,SS125,SS160, SS200 etc.



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The bloom is used to cover such products of cross-sectional size exceeding 8”x8”. They have a rectangular and square cross-section. These are inputs for manufacturing Heavy sections and Sheet piling sections normally by hot rolling. Just like in VSP, blooms are utilized to produce billets by hot rolling in the Billet Mill. They are used as rolling material in the manufacturing process of rails, seamless pipes, etc.

Specifications of blooms

Dimensions- 120 x 120, 140x 140, 160 x 160, 180 x 180 & 200 x 200

Length- 6 meter and above with tolerance for fixed-length supply + 50mm, - 0.00mm

Grades- Stainless Steel-Austenitic Grades: 201,202, AML–7, AML–6, AML–5

  • Austenitic Grades :302,304,304H, 304L,316,316L, 310,321 other welding grades
  • Ferretic Grades :410,420,431,409,409L,430
  • Duplex(Austenitic – Ferretic) :ASTM S 32101, S 32304, S 32205, S 31803, S 32507

Auto Steel Grades 20Mn Cr 5;16Mn Cr5, SAE 4140, 8620, 8622, SAE 4140

Bearing Steel SAE 52100, EN 31, EN 31 (M)

Spring Steel EN 45, E 45 A, EN 47, EN 48, EN 48 A, 50 Cr V M04

Carbon Heading Steel EN 15 B, EN 32 B, EN 9, SAE 1030, EN 43 C, EN 43 B, EN 8, SAE 1541, EN 8 A, EN 8C, EN 8D, EN 18, EN 18C, EN 18 D, E 19, E19C, 16Mn Cr 5, SAE 8620, SAE 8622

Cold Heading Steel AISI 1006 to AISI 1018, AISI 10B36, AISI 15 B25, AISI 15 B41, AISI 10 B21M, SCM 415 H, SCM 435, AISI 4135, EN 24, AISI 1541

Note- Above grades are also available in billets category



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A slab has a rectangular cross-section and has thickness lesser than bloom. If we compare Ingot, Bloom, Billet, and Slab based on their weight Then the weight of the ingot is greater than weight bloom is greater than the weight of the billet is greater than the weight of the slab. Slabs are hot-rolled from an ingot or shore cast. They are extensive and rectangular. They are used for the manufacture of all 'flat' steel products such as sheets, coils, strip, plates, and other flat-rolled steel products.

Specifications of Slabs

Dimensions- Thickness : 220,250 ,300 mm, Width : 1050-2500 mm

Length-: 6000 mm to 10000 mm

Grades- JISG 3106 SM400 A, ASTM A 36, SAE 1006, SAE 1008, SAE 1010, EN 10025 S 235 JR, EN 10025 S275JR, EN 10025 S355 JR, JISG 3101 SS400, S275, S355, S460


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