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What is Line Blank?

A line blank can be seen as an “isolation flange” injected between 2 mating flanges to on or off the piping system after dismantling certain flange bolting. Line blanks are normally required to separate individual pieces of equipment at closedown and to positively blank off selected process lines at the piping unit limits in many piping systems. They are also required throughout the operation, maintenance, or inspection and testing where the positive shutoff is needed to prevent leakage of one fluid into another.

Line blank is usually manufactured as per ASME B16. 48. The standard covers pressure-temperature ratings, dimensions, materials, marking, tolerances, and testing for producing line blanks in sizes NPS 1/2 through NPS 24 for connection between ASME B16.

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Types of Line Blanks-ASME B16.48 we manufacture

Figure 8
A figure-8 blank is also called a spectacle blank, and It is a pressure-retaining plate with one fixed end and one open end connected with a web or tie bar. Figure 8 Blanks are usually installed as a permanent device to divide the process piping system. This kind of flange is usually a piece of metal than is cut to fit between two pipe flanges and normally sandwiched between two gaskets. A spectacle blind is usually made from two metal discs attached by a small section of steel.

Paddle Blank
A paddle blank (ring spacer) is comparable to the solid end of a figure-8 blank. It has a plain radial handle. It is usually used in conjunction with a paddle spacer in large sizes. It is connected when the line is required blocked or closed.

Paddle Spacer
A paddle spacer is comparable to the open end of a figure-8 blank. It has a plain radial handle. It is usually used in association with a paddle blank. It is connected when the line is required open.

Rtj male paddle figure 8 blank
A compound of a Paddle Blank and a Paddle Spacer manufactured for field service as a single unit. Weight limitations and the associated complication of handling heavy pieces in the field are the primary considerations in specifying a Spectacle or Figure 8 Blank over separate components.

Rtj Male Paddle Blank
This is a positive shut-off device usually installed adjacent to, or in conjunction with, a valve. Their objective is to prevent accidental flow through a pipeline or into a vessel.

Rtj Male Paddle Spacer
ASME B16.48 designed Paddle Spacer is bored to the outside diameter of the pipe and is of the same thickness as the Paddle Blank it replaces.


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